How To Copy Games – They Don’t Want You to Know About This Secret

Almost everyone will ask, why do we need to copy original Xbox 360 disks and other console games?

A number of people give the same answer to this question. The primary answer is that a favorite console game may be lost or even stolen. Second answer is that they have damaged DVD game and they are facing with errors. The 3rd – someone has shown the benefits of copying console games so they also would like to do the same.

Is Duplicating Console Games Forbidden by the Law?!

In fact, most people think that it is forbidden to do¬†mega888 ios this. They do not understand how the law is set up. If you just back up your video game by making DVD or CD for personal use, then you will not break the law. But if you resell the produced game to make a profit, then it’s banned. There is no any unlawful act at your blog. You do not need to spend up-wards of 25-150$ on a gaming disk and not protect it with a duplicated game that you can make just in seconds.

Steps to make Duplicates of Video Games?

Any person can do it, even a teenager. All you need is a PC, the proper software program and a couple of empty DVDs or CDs.

The following methods are created for Game Copy Wizard program. (Gurus and regular players rate Game Copy Wizard quite high and say that’s probably the best duplicating software.) So you need follow these simple instructions when you have all the items above.

1). Set up Game Copy Wizard program.

2). Put the Xbox, PlayStation 3 game or some other DVD into your laptop or computer to back up.

3). Select “back-up the game”.

4). Your video game should be filed away in the programs memory space.

5). Get back the original console game from your CD or DVD burner.

6). Put an empty CD or DVD into your CD or DVD drive.

7). Adhere to the instructions on the monitor.

8). You will make an instant copy.